Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Power of Emotions

During this trip away from home, and visiting family, I have found many emotions about what I left behind, and what has welcomed me here in my birth land. And I remember U Tejaniya's teaching:

But when you are experiencing strong emotions, put your energies into dealing with them; that’s the important issue at hand — forget whatever else is happening. If you ignore an emotion and try to keep track of everything else that is going on instead, it will remain at the back of your mind. But as soon as there is an opportunity, the emotion will come up again and give you a lot of trouble. The function of awareness is to recognize everything that is happening in the mind. Wisdom decides which issues need to be dealt with.

Being wise, being mindful of and investigating what needs the most attention, at this time. Lots of grief, anger, fear, sadness, and love also. 

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