Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pay Yourself a Visit, and Sit

Tonight, a sadness came over me. 
From having abandoned myself
for most of this very long day.
Entire chunks of time, lived but not really,
spent away lost in one task after the next.
Many good excuses for working away
still did not add up to much, 
as far as the real truth is concerned.
Something that cannot be named
yearned to be attended to, 
and now that I stop, grief in the heart.
Violence was done in the name of great aims.
A monk comes by my side
and looks at me with great gentleness.
Slow down, dear one, and take the time
to dwell outside of your office.
Unplug the computer, put away the iPhone,
and pay yourself a visit and sit long enough
to notice the steady flow of breath, 
and the whole experience of this time, this place.

Do you ever feel that way, too?

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