Sunday, October 9, 2011

6 Rewards of Loving Kindness Practice

I am a big fan of loving kindness practice. It took me a while, years actually to warm up to it, but now I could not imagine life without it. Today, during his Dharma talk at IMC, Gil gave six reasons to give into metta:

Loving kindness is a way of protecting ourselves - from negative thoughts, ill will, greed,  . . . 
Loving kindness creates social harmony - through our kind thoughts, words, and actions.
Loving kindness helps us sleep better - falling asleep more easily, and waking up more rested. 
Loving kindness acts as reference point to see ourselves better - making it more obvious the things that need to be resolved, the anger that has been festering, etc.
Loving kindness can be used as a concentration practice - helping with fragmentation.
Loving kindness supports the practice of liberation of freedom.

May you be at peace, may you be at ease!

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