Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up in Heaven

Walking up the hill of Makiki Heights, I thought to myself, "This is heaven. I am in heaven." The conditions were just right: a fine tropical mist, vegetation wild with exuberant greenery and splashes of beautiful, colored flowers, birds singing opera, on the side of the road, fragant mangoes ready for picking, at the top, a touch of culture with the art museum,  here and there, glimpses of the ocean, in the distance, and hardly any cars to spoil the experience. Body was happy, completely. And so was mind. I was treasuring every moment of our walk, being grateful for the incredible privilege of being in this place, at this time. 

And the awareness of bliss (this right now), and misery (remembering other times), same thing. Either way, only temporary states, nothing worth getting attached to. 

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